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    FAST Servers for Small Business Hosting

    Additional 20% off your purchase on any hosting plan.

    To get your extra 20% off just enter the code "Ad20off" in the Promotional Code box when you check out.

    You will get a extra 20% off your first payment even if you sign up for a year. Our annual and semi annual payments already have huge discounts and you will still receive another 20% off on top of that. Even if you are paying monthly you will get a 20% discount on your first payment.

    What kind of savings can you expect? Lets say you sign up for a Reseller-1 account with 4GB storage and 60GB bandwidth and pay annually.
    Monthly price $19.95 x 12 months = $239.40
    Annual discount is already discounted -25% = $179.55
    Take your additional 20% off and your price for a year of reseller hosting = $143.64
    That's a savings of $95.76
    And remember your reseller account is on a fast 4 or 8 Processor server that is never oversold.
    Wait! That's not all. Most accounts come with a free domain name for life too. That's an additional $11.95/year savings.

    This isn't "Cheap Reseller Hosting"!
    Glitter Host is a Quality hosting provider with high end uncrowded servers for your reseller account.
    Check the load on the "Active" Linux server HERE. See we don't have anything to hide.

    Fast Friendly Support. 24-7-365 Help Desk with fast response to your questions.
    Monday-Friday Phone Support

    Hosting choices:
    Shared Linux accounts
    Shared Windows accounts
    Linux or Windows Reseller accounts

    This promotion is only good for new customers signing up for hosting. Discounts do not apply to to additional items you may purchase at the time you sign up.

    Do you have questions? Ask here or fill out our Pre Sales question form for a fast reply.

    We Now Sell VPS Accounts too. These accounts are already priced low for the quality servers and provisioning you get with these VPS accounts. All VPS accounts are FULLY MANAGED! No service levels to buy.
    Server specs are:
    Processors 4
    Model Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5405 @ 2.00GHz
    RAM 12 GB
    OS centOS5
    3 IP addresses INCLUDED
    cPanel/WHM $10/month installed and supported free!
    Never Over Sold! We built our business on FAST loading accounts and the fastest, friendliest client service. Our clients are mostly business owners that have transferred to our fast servers and are very happy with our service. They have already tried the BIG overloaded hosting companies and have found a home for their business accounts at Glitter Host! Come and join us.

    Thanks for your consideration and we welcome all questions you may have about our service.

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    Shared and Reseller hosting on high speed uncrowded servers at Glitter Hosting Services - Super server leasing deals, VPS, High End Reseller accounts at and Glitter Hosting VPS.

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