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    Managing & Hardening VPS Service Needed

    I'm wondering where could I find a low budget VPS support services?

    I need some who could help configuring my first VPS, tweaking and securing it from:

    - No Spamming
    - No DDOS Attack

    .... etc

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    What kind of budget do you have in mind for this?

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    I want to see how good task I'm provided at first one-time testing fee around 20 to 30 buck hehe... not much but it just for measuring how good it is...

    I got everything vePortal for VPS control, WHM/CPanel VPS Optimized, .... I only need knowledgefully personal who good with VPS Administration to help hardening and tweaking it....
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    Need it quick...

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    Me too have a similar requirement.. Have a Linux VPS that need to be hardened.. If anyone can, would be beneficial for both me and mkhmer.

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    $30 is not for managed VPS. Management fee only costs more than that. Also, no one can say your website will not receive DDOS attack. When it comes, DDOS filter will be very expensive. Think again about your requirements and budget

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    Oh mkhmer, the hosting company I use, Turnkeyinternet, provides server hardening for $59.99.. check it out..

    Update: But dunno whether it's only for servers owned by them.. just have an online chat with them.. and post the results here..
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    in fact no one can guarantee can prevent from ddos! :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    Quote Originally Posted by gate2vn View Post
    $30 is not for managed VPS. Management fee only costs more than that. Also, no one can say your website will not receive DDOS attack. When it comes, DDOS filter will be very expensive. Think again about your requirements and budget
    Guy, I got VPS already and I only need some help in configuring and securing my VPS only ... got it?

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    There are scripts and tweaks you can do to mitigate a DDoS attack but if you get hit with enough traffic these will not be effective.

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    1,116 try them. I'm guessing that's what you were asking for? Get them for a month and ask them to harden it and tweak it. They're quick to respond so it would be your best bet.

    Hope that helps.
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    Software can help stop DDoS but a proper botnet will still kill your site in seconds.
    You need to get hardware and therefore its generally better not to outsource this.
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    question here ( from a humble point of view): what you said depends on type of attack or is it a general thing?

    I know there is hardware ( the only one that comes to my mind is Rio Rey) but would it justify the cost if OP has his box in a facility without DDOS? how could he implement a hardware protection system in a physical server that does not belong to him ( he just rents a piece of cake)

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    You won't survive DDOS if someone is really out to get you. That's a fact. Botnets nowadays will clog your 1GB pipe no problem, and the only thing that may save you is your ISP. For the most part, unless you have a nice switch that can discard DDoS packets, you're boned.

    As for hardening your VPS, have you tried the employment offers forum? Post about a one time VPS hardening need, and name a price. I am certain someone will take you up on the offer. Virtual Servers - Cutting edge technology, first class network, affordable prices! Managed and unmanaged. Virtual and Dedicated. Shared hosting, web design, application development, and more. Contact us here, or our website!

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    How about one time $30 fee for:

    - WHM/CPanel VPS optimized which is already installed, just need tweak
    - Security protection from DDOS and other security hardening

    I already got WHM/Cpanel VPS-Optimized version install and ready to go actually, I want to only make sure that everything is right and secure.

    If someone interest, PM me and we will talk in detail as I need report on final result of what have been done too.


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    Lightbulb Here's the solution!


    check this out.. Found out only yesterday and they have some cool plans it seems..

    Critical(safe) Security Audit/Hardening:

    1 VPS/Server: $29.95 per case

    and they have a promotion too on this.. you can get a discount.. visit this link..

    Coupon Code:
    Please use coupon code "Super20" at order checkout.

    Offer Valid:
    - Valid till 31/12/2009 for our Critical(safe) fully managed solution. (ACTIVE)

    I'm not one of their staff .. found about them from the VPS offers section of WHT...

    Good luck!

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    Remember these are services not products one persons definition of hardening a server could be installing updates while another could be settings up IDS,HIDS,grsec and selinux, caveat emptor.

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