1. Is there any authoritative and latest list of region/country specific cards that can be used to ecommerce transactions?

2. The cards could be credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, ATM only cards, cards for which CVV is not mandatory (but valid locally) & any such types

Some local ONLY cards worth mentioning are like;
a. Dankort ONly for Denmark
b. Postcards in Switzerland
c. Bancontact / Mistercash in Belgium

3. Each country worldwide has many such local ONLY cards which has huge penetration and if online business's can process such cards there is a potential increase in sales by widening the customer base.

4. Could some of you regional webmasters and big ecommerce players in the forum help me with the list of suck local ONLY cards?

5. Is there any such PSP/gateway who are supporting such all worldwide local only cards for ecommrece processing?

Thanks much for any help