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Thread: fiber line map

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    fiber line map


    I am thinking of opening a datacenter ... well a mini datacenter.

    Does any one by chance have the fiber optics line routes of LA,CA


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    thats a complicated question, there are a number of 'fiber finder' services that can give you overlay maps of multiple fiber providers but generally you'll need to look at each fiber provider separately for availability of fiber. Also, remember just because it's on the street near you doesn't mean it's a small build cost to get a lateral to you

    It's best to look for buildings that are already services or "on-net" if you are looking for LIT.

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    Good luck with finding that information. Most carriers will ask you for an address so they can tell you if they are on net there. It also depends on what kind of service you require. Dark, lit, managed bandwidth? We do dark fiber for our requirements so we can go directly to the companies that place the fiber in the ground, instead of a telecom that would lease fiber from those companies. It keeps costs down but requires us to light it on each end, which we're capable of doing.
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    okay i came across this this website called carrierhotels

    i found 2 buildings ... that is not enough
    theres one of them

    is there any other place to go and find more of these sort of buildings

    I definitely want la, Ca

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