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    How run Access from web host?

    I'm sure it's in here, but my searches keep failing.....

    I just signed up with Pronet Hosting. I have an Access 2003application I want to run from the web host. HOW do I do this? I've copied the .mdb file to the httpdocs directory, but I need to get into Access, connect to the database to link the tables, and run the application from my PC......


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    Besides you spamming, as far as I know, access databases don't work that way. They are a local file that you access. So I'm guessing you need an MS SQL database..
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    I"m not sure I understand the "spamming" part, but if I can't run Access from the web, then what's the point of using a Windows Web host? If I have to have a local copy of Access, I can use a MySQL database for the remote tables.

    One of the major reasons for going to Pronet from my previous web host was the ability to USE Microsoft tools like Access so I could put 2 or 3 users into the same Access application WITHOUT having a bunch of local copies of Access...

    Does it NOT work this way?

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    From my understanding, Access isn't designed to connect to a db through a web connection, but via direct access to the files. You are probably better off using a LAN, or VPN product (hamachi works good for this type of thing) to establish a mapped drive to open the files on.

    Ultimately you would be better off asking in an Access developers group, since this isn't a problem with the web host, it's a problem with what Access is designed to do.

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    I think you might write a script to communicate with your access database if your hosting package support access database. Of course, a link between your script and database must be setup firstly.
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