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    They are here, they are watching

    People from outer space!

    I'm serious. We are finding new exoplanets all the time and we just got started.

    New arrays of telescopes are being built that interconnect using interferometry and are like having a big huge single lens telescope.

    Then you have this:
    "Astronomers have identified an easy-to-measure chemical fingerprint for determining which sun like stars are likely to host planets."

    We are learning more and more each day on ways to detect planets that might have life.

    Then you have to remember that we are not "in time sync" with other planets ( which number in the billions+ ). When we see these planets, the light already traveled for many years.

    So give our planet 100 years and we might be at the place where we can actually detect and confirm life on other planets. Give it 300 more years and maybe we discovered how to travel to other planets.

    Where would we go first? You can bet it's going to be one of those planets with life. And we would probably know what type by then so we would go where there is intelligent life.

    Now reverse that. Give the other planets the 300 year lead. It's actually easy to give them 1000's of years lead in cosmic terms. (warning: some people have a problem thinking other planets could be more advanced than us, but this is science and time is relative to when a planet formed)

    On top of that, the earth and our sun have been "transmitting" our presence (not radio or TV) for *millions* of years. The possibility of life here, the planet's location, the atmosphere, the plant and animal life, the methane and CO2 levels, all are "transmitted" out there into deep space. "They" know we are here, it's too obvious, we are sitting ducks with nowhere to hide.

    So are "they" here? There's a very good possibility. Mathematically, have "they" at least visited? I say yes.

    Are "they" watching, YES!

    30 Billion Earths?


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    Quote Originally Posted by web-1
    They are here, they are watching
    I hate to break it to you, but that's not news:
    Closed for winter...

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    Know who else is watching? Ceiling cat!
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