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Thread: no video?

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    no video?

    Hello everyone,

    I trying to build my own system, but for some reason i cannot get any video output. I installed separated video card, but got the same result.

    Then are power when I turn on the PC, but cannot see anything on the screens?

    I appreciate your input.


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    Maybe go into bios and disable your onboard video card... assuming you have an onboard video card.

    Outside of that, hopefully you see lights and see/hear it powering up. lol
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    In my experience, it's usually not the video card, it's usually: memory or motherboard, along those lines, it can also be the CPU, or power supply.

    Disconnect all the auxiliary components: power and data cables to CDROMs and hard drives... then try turning it on.

    If you see any indication of power, such as a lit-up LED, or spinning fans, I'd try turning off the computer, removing ALL the ram, and turning the computer back on again. Most motherboards have an onboard speaker and you should hear a beep code.

    If you hear the beep code, that's a good sign that your motherboard may still be good and that you should try some different ram.

    If you don't hear the beep code, and different ram doesn't work, it may be a bad board.

    I've seen a lot of bad motherboards, but you also want to make sure that whatever board you installed in the case has the "stand offs" in the right place (never touching the circuit board, always where the screw holes are in the board) - as if installed improperly, you could also be grounding or shorting out the board.

    That's definitely one of the most frustrating things, to build a new computer and not have it turn on - without known good parts you can test with, it's tricky to diagnose.

    Good luck!
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    Does your graphics card have power inputs? They will usually be 1-2 6 pin power slots. Most power supplies these days should have at least one. And the graphics card should have come with a molex to 6pin adapter (use this ONLY if your power supply doesn't have a six pin)

    May just be as simple as that, if not I would personally take the system apart and re-seat everything. Hopefully you did your research beforehand and everything in your system is compatible.
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