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    Talking 5 Month Review of JaguarPC(Hostingzoom, Resellerzoom, WowVPS, Landis Holdings)

    How did I find JaguarPC? For many months I had been salivating over JaguarPCs dirt cheap Virtuozzo licensing cost, they won't sell outside of their network per Parallel's agreement which is completely acceptable. Many months later the whole HyperVM shindig happened and Greg had posted that his company had a working control panel, VSControl. I PM'd Greg back and forth a few times and then led to talking on Skype. Greg is great, that night he quoted me up a few servers, I originally passed on getting a server with VSControl because I really wanted the cheap Virtuozzo licenses. Greg gave me a once in a lifetime deal and I pounced on it. I went to bed after talking to Greg for a few hours and by the time I woke up Greg Skype'd me explain the server was being setup and he periodically kept me up to date. They are very customer service oriented, by far the best customer service for any large company. I was getting very anxious to get my server and they always kept me updated. A few hours after I got up, I finally got it. I made a special request for them to install the OS Template they use for cPanel as I didn't want to create one. Les got me that OS template installed in a timely manner.

    I wanted to see what kind of prices they had for high-end servers, I had Les quote me a Dual e5520, 16gb ram, 4x1tb hdd, 3ware 9650, etc server. I was amazed at the price they gave me. Les told me the setup would be delayed as those obviously aren't servers they stock and they would have to have the system built and sent out. That time I was just going to use VSControl as it sure as heck looked good and secure. I eventually got the server, man that machine screams! VSControl at first was awesome but it just wasn't for me in the end after I needed functions that weren't there. I eventually switched to another panel.

    Everyone nightmare is when you get that email "You're over your bandwidth by x GB." I was in shock when I got that email, I blew through my bandwidth and I was only something like ten days in my billing period. I immediately opened a ticket thinking "Wow, this HAS to be a mistake". They brought all the proof forward that I did indeed go well above my bandwidth. Greg worked with me one on one and was more than generous to get my bandwidth overages fixed. They brought up exactly at when I used large portions of bandwidth, as their bandwidth graphs inside Nixcore(Their billing/support area) are lacking, only showing you the last 36 hours and your overall transfer.

    I was talking to Greg one day on Skype again and he told me a few more server configurations that he was going to be putting out in the near future, absolutely amazing deals. Greg works with me one on one to get things setup just the way I need it. For example I wanted to be on a specific part of Atlantanap, their colocation provider, and they got that setup for me without any problem. Because they don't go straight Silver or straight Gold bandwidth I even got them to rework bandwidth pricing for me, since I wanted to go straight Silver bandwidth only.

    I'm not a person that likes to pay all the extra money for managed servers, but there have been a few times when I was unable to help myself for third party issues and they were more than helpful.

    JaguarPC is most notably known as a large VPS provider, so they have a large amount of L3 techs for Virtuozzo/OpenVZ and Xen. I've used their knowledge multiple times, and have learned wonders from their staff. I can't say that I have found any other dedicated server company that has that much knowledge on that area, and trust me I have a lot of servers at many company's.

    Their network is amazing, I've experienced both their own bandwidth(A mix of Level3, nLayer, PCCWBTN, and Telia) and the straight Silver(nLayer, PCCWBTN, and Telia). Both are very reliable networks.

    Keep up the good work JaguarPC!
    Jacob Wall -

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    Very nice review, thank you for sharing your experience. Please keep us posted every few months.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience in a detailed manner. It is not that easy to keep a customer happy. So they surely deserve appreciation for that. So I am waiting for the 1 year update and hope they will keep the service level same as now.

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