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    help with find Reseller

    Hello all , l am new here
    and l need your help and advises .
    l look for a Reseller hosting and those my requirements :

    Datacenter server located in europe :
    uk or france or Netherland
    Storage Space 10-25 GB
    Bandwidth 250 GB
    company work more 1 year in the industry
    budget maximum 20 $

    l will glad if can help and advise me about company

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    Please use this link to request quote from hosting providers.
    You requirements & budget are ok for a good host. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
    Reseller Hosting Cpanel PURE SSD CloudLinux Softaculous
    Windows Reseller Asp.NET 4.5 MSSQL 2012 SmarterMail Enterprise

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    thank fo your reply ,l try this one didn't help so much

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    Sometimes they send you quotes at different times and not all at once, as is with my case. However, you might want to look at

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    You can look under the Web hosting Offers section in this forum to see if any match your requirements.

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    is your budget per month or per year

    hostagtor is good place to start out.

    free whmcs license to.

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    You should browse the Reseller Hosting Offers, you might find what you are looking for or check out Innohosting, they have a site in UK.
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    I think that you will have a bargian in United states or maybe Canada
    To my experience web hosting is less expensive there then in Europe

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    thanks for reply , my budget per month 20 $ max

    innohosting - give 5 gb l need more

    what you think about those ?:

    us and canada have good offrt but it slow for me

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    out of those 3, hostnine rings a bell - they have staff on this forum, feel free to search them up. The other two aren't ringing any loud bells..

    As Dan said above, you will probably save more going with a server in the US or Canada - but if you are trying to stay local for IP address reasons then Europe would be the place to stick to. If you're doing it for speed, there isn't much of a lag between North America and Europe, and it's not easy to notice on websites. Unless you plan on running VoIP or Game servers, you shouldn't worry about getting lag when loading sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikvision View Post
    thanks for reply , my budget per month 20 $ max

    innohosting - give 5 gb l need more

    what you think about those ?:

    us and canada have good offrt but it slow for me
    You may find reviews that made about them by searching on

    We don't live in US. But we host our sites on an US data center. The connection is a little slower than data centers of our country of course. But the prices are cheaper and resources that provided are too more.
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    thank all about your advises !
    no doubt Usa host more profitable but sometimes the first 15second critical for your site .

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    Quote Originally Posted by iloveunicorns View Post
    hostagtor is good place to start out.
    HostGator is located in USA. They are using Planet's datacenters.

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    I would consider the differences.. You say that American servers are too slow for you? Do you actually see much difference? Because I would consider how well connected the server and datacenter is before making any assumptions? I am sure it seems far away... I wouldn't debate that - however... at the speed of light I guess its reasonably close!! I see my servers in the states being as fast as my servers in the UK. ( where I am ). Ping time is different (about 100ms more) but the loading and downloading time seems the same!

    If its european location is crucial - in the uk: siterollout ? did you have a look there? I think they do a reseller within your budget - I would check for reviews elsewhere however.. I've heard they had a little downtime recently.

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    I can vouch for the American Servers being too slow for the EU. Im on a 50mb office line and its still slow at loading most of the day.

    UK or NL servers are the best for the EU because of their positioning to the whole of Europe.

    There are plenty of hosts out there that offer what you want.

    Good luck with your hunt.


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