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    1and1 US 5 Month Review

    So Back in June I made the plung and went ahead and ordered a dedicated server of my own. I have been a server admin for servers in other datacenters for others before but never for my own unless it was a server I owned locally and kept at home. Anyways onto the review.

    So I had been told that 1and1 was prolly what I was looking for as I rarely need support from the provider. And the price verses what I get is about what I was looking for.

    So I order my server on a Friday afternoon in June. Im expecting not to even hear anything until atleast Monday. I go to bed that night and get up Saturday Morning and check my email just incase and low and behold I have an email asking for Verification through a scanned picture of my ID. No problem I get my ID scanned and email it back to them.

    So Sunday afternoon I get an email stating my server has been setup and is now online ready to go. By default they deploy all new servers with centos 5.x and Plesk. So without even logging into the server I know I want minimal install of Debian with no control panel. There 1and1 control panel is very useful and allows me to pretty much do everything I would ever need to do with the server outside of the OS itself. The Reimage takes about 45 min. Which I choose Debian 4 and will upgrade the OS to Debian 5 myself. Things go smoothly and I am on my way to configuring the server for my needs.

    My intentions for this server is to host an IRCD , a eggdrops and bouncers for my friends, and some family along with a hand full of paid clients websites to help offset the cost of the server.

    So far in the past 5 months there has only been a handful of hickups except for 1 slightly elevated issue where my IRCD IP was DDoSd for 24+ hours straight. Cisco Guard firewall that comes with the server did stop the ddos but after 24 hours it auto null routes the IP and 1and1 took 2 days to lift the null route saying it wasn't null routed until I finally showed them proof it was. That 1 kinda of erked me a little but for the price I was paying I couldn't get but so upset about it. Another time was a server reboot out of nowhere like someone had unplugged the power cord from the server and plugged it back in. And They couldn't tell me what happend.

    Other then what I have mentioned I am overall pleased with my decision and I am looking forward to working with this dedicated server as it has done its intended job nicely. Overall this is my scores 1 being the worst 10 being the best

    Network Speed = 10
    Network Stability = 9
    Hardware Speed = 10
    Hardware Uptime/dependability 9.5
    Provider Support = 6 (yes im being slightly generous)
    Server control = 10
    Price for what I get = 10

    There it is in a nut shell
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