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    DG35EC time issues?

    I've got a couple of machines with DG35EC boards that have issues with time.

    Basicly the time in the BIOS is spot on, but from inside CentOS it's always off after the machine has been up a while.

    If I reset the time and sync it to the hardware clock, it appears to set in the bios fine.

    However it wanders off over time. e.g. a couple of machines which have been up 80+ days are 8-12 minutes out of sync, and I am 100% sure they were accurate when they were originally booted up.

    Just wondered if anyone has come accross this?

    Some servers with this board have no issues, some have the above issue. I wonder whether there is perhaps an issue in this particular bios, or if we need to be booting with noapic enabled?


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    We haven't seen this particular behavior from this board. We see clock skew all the time, but never attribute it specifically to one model of board.

    If the drift isn't too bad, just use ntpd to keep it in check. - Fast. Reliable. Affordable.
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    Issue with doing that is it will upset the xend process, and you end up with VPS locking up / wont reboot and eventually the machine will crash.

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    80-days -> 12 minutes...That isn't enough skew to crash Xen.

    The time will not be hard-changed like you think; ntpd adjusts the clock frequency so the time stays correct always. The only hard change is when you issue the following command:

    ntpd -qg

    Once set, you can start ntpd:

    service ntpd start

    If your machine is hard crashing, you have other problems like bad RAM, disk or power supply.
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