November 11, 2009

NetDepot Announces Private Cloud Solutions Using VMware vSphere

ATLANTA – NetDepot, a leader in enterprise solutions and an infrastructure as a service provider, today announced that its high-end, dedicated servers will now be loaded on request with a single virtual machine (VM) of VMware vSphere 4.0 along with 500 GB of HP StorageWorks iSCSI SAN enterprise storage for no additional cost. This will enable customers to turn their servers into a private cloud for free.

NetDepot’s Private Cloud does not share physical server hardware with other users. Instead, customers get privacy, security as well as high-availability/fault tolerance with NetDepot’s dedicated hardware while maintaining the scalability of a cloud environment.

NetDepot’s Private Cloud offering will enable companies to increase their uptime and move to enterprise-level, highly-available solutions while reducing capital and operating costs and simplifying management and administration. By increasing the control over IT infrastructures, customers can choose from almost any operating system, application or hardware for their platform. Customers can combine two or more NetDepot Cloud Servers to form their own virtual private data center, which ensures high availability and unmatched fault tolerance. Customers will have access to a private view of their servers in VMware’s first cloud management tool, vCenter, where they can manage all of their servers using one control panel. Servers are strategically laid out at different locations throughout the data center, utilizing different power sources and ensuring 100% uptime guarantee.

For Web hosting companies, cPanel will also be included as a free option and has been tested in the both High Availability and Fault Tolerance mode. CPanel is NetDepot’s preferred vendor for server control panels.

NetDepot Unveils New Web Site Redesign

Atlanta, GA - NetDepot, a global, on-demand data center and hosting services company, announced today the launch of its much-anticipated, new Web site, The redesign provides a fresh interface and new points of interest while maintaining an intuitive navigation.

The improved Web site contains the following new features:
• A complete Web 2.0 overhaul
• Enhanced navigation and structure of content
• Easy-to-use, online ordering system
• New product offerings, such as Cloud Hosting and Partner Programs
• New Partner Programs: Affiliate and Referral Programs
• New social media connections, which include forums, a NetDepot blog and live feeds from Twitter
• Improved interactivity

The redesigned Web site will continue to evolve over the coming months with the inclusion of testimonial, tutorial and viral videos and new ways to save on dedicated and cloud hosting solutions.

To commemorate the new Web site redesign, NetDepot reduced its pricing on its most popular servers. To visit NetDepot’s redesigned Web site (and to sample the most competitive pricing in the industry,) visit:

About NetDepot

NetDepot is a Tier 3 data center with locations in Atlanta and Dallas. Its data centers are engineered to provide the highest levels of technology redundancy, which ensures optimal network and server performance, maximum uptime and security.

NetDepot's state-of-the-art facility is capable of handling the most demanding server applications for customers worldwide and is built with N2+1 redundancy throughout, including multiple HVAC systems and redundant power.

• NetDepot owns and operates the 75,000 square foot data center in Atlanta
• Data centers provide 99.999% availability
• 100% network uptime
• Minimal latency and no single point of failure
• The all-brick building is designed to maintain the worst-case situation with no critical impact on services
• Security: 24/7/365 Armed Guard, biometric hand scan, video surveillance, keycard entry and razor-wire fencing
• Redundant power
• Ten 500Kw diesel generator backups
• Facility-wide fire suppression systems

For more information, call 404-230-9150 or visit