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    EMR Data Hosting

    Does anyone know of any current data centers that host Electronic Medical Records? They need to be a HIPPA compliant facility. Thanks

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    Hi Stuart, really the only facility requirement you have (for HIPAA compliance) is a secured/enclosed area. This means a locking cabinet, or for an extra measure of security, a private locking cage. The rest of the compliance issues are generally policy that you have to document and follow.
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    I just pulled up your profile and noticed you are affiliated with but I don't understand your request with regards to a HIPPA facility which I'm assuming either you're looking for or have a client who is interested and is a HIPPA based facility if I'm right, based on the website information.

    Very confusing

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    I too would like to know the answer to this.

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    GNAX in Atlanta, GA hosts EMR records.

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