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    Freelance Web Designer based in Atlanta Georgia

    Hello guys,

    As many of you know my name is Corey, and I am a freelance web designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a passion for providing handcrafted web design and compliant web coding. All my designs are custom made from scratch based on your needs and goals for your business. If you are looking to get a new site created, a site redesign or anything web design related. I am your freelancer!

    Check out some of my previous work I have done for web hosting companies:

    The NY NOC

    EZPZ Hosting

    EZY Web Hosting


    CPC Technologies

    If you have any questions please use the following ways to contact me;

    Shoot me an email by saying hello[at]

    Contact me via AIM at coreymade

    Skype me at coreymade

    or simply give me a ring at 404-939-0816

    You can also obtain a quote by visiting my website at

    Thanks for reading guys!
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    I do not have any more slots available. However, if anyone is still interested in getting your next site CoreyMade, you can always reserve a slot for the next availability.

    Thanks everyone!
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