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    How-to Convert MSSQL 9 to MySQL?

    I'm trying to move my site from a local hosting company that uses MSSQL to a new host that uses MYSQL. I don't have shell access to either host and my current host has no control panel of any kind for me (such as cpanel, etc).

    I have a phpBB3 forum that I'd like to move to my new host but since my old host uses MSSQL I'm not having good luck moving it to the host that uses MySQL. The only utility I've got to use is the built in backup/restore that's in phpBB3, but since they use two different database types I think thats causing me my trouble now.

    Is there a converter of some kind that will convert a MSSQL .sql file to MySQL .sql file?

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    It's a bit convoluted but one method that would probably work is:

    1. Install mssql and mysql both on a local machine. You should be able to use mssql express edition.

    2. Install the odbc drivers for mysql

    3. Restore your backup to mssql

    4. Use the import/export tables function in Microsoft SQL Management Studio to export the tables from the mssql database to the mysql using the odbc driver

    5. Backup the mysql database with mysqldump and upload this backup to your new host

    The only bit I'm unsure of is whether the export tables function is present in the free Express edition of the management studio. It's definitely there in the rest of the editions if you have access to one of those.

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