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    your thoughts Hostdime


    I am think go to a dedicated server, and i am inclined for various factors, to use hostdime as teh datacenter for my 1 server.

    I would like to get some input about there network, the managed service they provide, what happends when something goes wrong, like when is ddos, or when a server getīs problems.

    Am not sure what expectations i can get that is why am ask your opinion.

    PLEASE! donīt come to this place just to say i recomend you XPTO datacenter or YYYY place.

    I would like hear from others Hostdime or ex-hostdime there thoughts to better evaluate what can i do.

    ps: i done some search on the forums, but allmost all material is old, so could not be relevant (they could be good 4 years ago and now not so good, OR; could be bad and improve since them)

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    I have been using Hostdime for reseller accounts for 5 years. The network is solid and the support is great (always there). They always know before I do if a client's account gets compomised and they work with me. Sorry I have no experience with dedis with them.
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    We've been using Hostdime for a little over 1 month and so far the network and support has been awesome.

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    Some of the posts on WHT may of been lost when the site was down.

    When we hosted with HostDime a year or so ago we thought the pricing was high and the support appeared to be less-then-par outsourced. You would get an acknowledgement rather quickly but the actual response was hours later.

    It did come in helpful for some mundane things but all-in-all it was slow to say the least.

    I've heard numerous things on their support setup since.

    They used to post promotions on here but I haven't seen one in quite awhile. Might be worth taking advantage of if they run some deals.
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    I've heard they are one of the biggest dedicated sever providers and that rings me a bell they might not take care about each customer and that can be

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    Never used them for dedicated but we did resell their services a couple years back before we did it all in-house. As far as reseller hosting, they were top-notch.

    No idea on dedicated. Best of luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woods01 View Post
    When we hosted with HostDime a year or so ago we thought the pricing was high and the support appeared to be less-then-par outsourced. You would get an acknowledgement rather quickly but the actual response was hours later.
    We appreciate your input and appreciate the opportunity you gave us to do business before. I was just wanted to point out that we do not outsource any of our support.
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    Working with hostdime is the best experience you will ever have with host providers!.
    I`m using their VPS, and resell plans and they are always here for you.
    No problems so far!

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    I've had great luck -- dedicated server client since 2002 give or take. YES on the questionable support sometimes. You've got to call in, vs. use the support ticket system. Basically if you submit ticket, then follow up with call if no resolution, it will be ok. Be careful with asking them to upgrade things, etc. They assume you know more than they do, and I've had a full week of downtime due to upgrading OS and PHP, MYSQL and Apache. My advice is to upgrade VERY slowly. But there are some "old timers" there like Aric Pederson, if you can contact thjem, they will work miracles. Really, all in all, if you can be patient with their outsourcing dilema, they are top notch.
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