Web Hosting From £1.67 per month

UNIX based , all servers in the UK.

All hosting accounts purchased have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, so if you purchase any product and are not totally happy with it you can get a full no questions asked refund.

Starter Plan Pro

2 GB Web Space
10GB of monthly bandwidth

£19.99 per year

Business Plan

Host Unlimited Sites
5GB Web Space
20 GB of monthly bandwidth

£39.99 per year

All acounts come with Unlimited email and MySQL database and many other features, for more details please see

specification of our servers

Our servers are built around a Supermicro 3U chassis and motherboard. Supermicro has a reputation for for very high quality components and great reliability from the power supply down to the bearings in the cooling fans

2x Intel Xeon 64bit Quad-Core Processors - One of the fastest server processors. The 64bit and quad-core technologies give our servers amazing performance and allow for faster loading of web pages.

16GB DDR RAM - This is the memory of the system where web pages and scripts are stored when being used. With a server, a large amount of memory is needed. We use DDR memory for maximum speed to make the system run as fast as possible.

3ware 8 Disk RAID 10 Disk Arrays - We use 3ware RAID 10 disk arrays controllers to protect your data against hard disk failures, and allows us to offer our users generous web space allowances. RAID 10 gives amazing performance making the server run smoothly and your sites to run as fast as possible.

8 Western Digital Raid Edition 2 SATAII 500GB Hard Drives - WD RE2 drives combine 16 MB cache with SATA 3 Gb/s transfer rate for lightning-fast performance in our demanding web servers. Western digital hard drives have enhanced reliability features which help protect the drive and the data stored on it.

Dual Gigabit (1000Mbit) network cards - Having dual Gigabit network cards is a feature not seen on many servers, and is used by us to allow maximum data transfer for amazing performance.

For more details please see www.inventivehosting.co.uk