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Ezeelogin - Administer & Manage large number of servers efficiently and easily.

  • Do you wish to execute commands in 1000's of server in the time taken to execute it on one server using parallel shell?

  • Do you wish to change the root passwords of all your servers at the click of a mouse?

  • Do you wish to have a centralized access to all your servers and still not worry about the security of the gateway server?

  • Do you wish to monitor the activities on your servers by your remote/outsourced technical staff?

  • Do you wish to access whm,plesk,webmin panels without root passwords?

  • Do you wish to easily control access to your selected servers or group of servers to selected staff or group of staff?

  • Do you wish to prevent human errors like "rm -rf /" by your technical staff which would make your server a mess?

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