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    Question default template

    i create template index.html in public_html folder , the contain for index.html is

    "This web still have no content

    support by : "

    how to create automatic in public_html for each user who just created an account but no content

    please advise
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    Sorry you will have to elaborate on this, i dont understand what you are asking us?

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    If you are talking about a cPanel reseller acount creating a folder and page for new clients, then you do that in your main website (

    In the root (/home/), create a folder called cpanel3-skel (if it does not already exist). Inside of that folder, create a folder called public_html. Put your index.html in there.

    Every new account will have that public_html folder and contents copied to it.
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    thank you GORF for great answer
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