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    Noah's Last Wish - Christmas Cards

    Some of you may or may not have heard about this already. What an incredible story about a little boy who is dying from Neuroblastoma. Doctors do not think he will make it until Christmas so his last wish was to have an early Christmas. Thousands of people have been sending him Christmas cards including myself just tonight.

    Take a look:


    If anyone is interested in helping out, send your christmas card to:
    Noah Biorkman
    c/o Scott Biorkman
    3480 Petoskey Way
    Milford, Michigan 48380 USA

    Just thought I'd share that with everyone as we, ourselves, start to approach the holiday season.


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    Awww that is so heartbreaking I can't imagine loosing a child, let alone knowing it is gonna happen and soon.
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    Made my cry - and I do really cry.
    God,accept his soul in Your heaven...

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