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    Design Log


    I'm looking for someone to design a nice work load of images for me. At the bottom of this message I will leave what I'm looking for. If you think it's too much let me know. I would be willing to pay your for this service, if I like your first sample that you give me.
    Depending on how much I like the sample images I would be willing for a website design w/ API built-in

    If you have any questions or comments please reply to this message or email me at: WaterTrooper [at] Gmail [dot] com

    -For a Domain Registar Company
    -Name Is
    -I Would Like To Have A Sci-Fi Soldier Or Something Terran (Human)
    -Maybe You Can Be Creative and Mess With The Letters or Words
    -Color I Like (But Doesn't Have To Be) Blue, Black, Green, White
    -Color I Hate (But Can Be Included) Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown

    I would need the following items:
    -Business Card Design (Or Small Logo To Put On Business Card)
    -Letterhead design (Or Bigger Image That Would Look Nice On Letter Head)
    -Standard Banner + 1 Animated
    -Standard Button + 1 Animated

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    Not sure if you received any info from this post but you should try posting this in the "Design Requests" section of WHT. Or look at jobing it out via I have used several times for various projects and it works well.
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