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Thread: Honelive Review

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    Honelive Review

    This is just a brief review of Honelive.

    I moved to Honelive about three months ago, with some trepidation. I had been with NetNation in Vancouver, now owned by Hostway, for about four years and was paying big bucks for a so called "Managed" dedicated server.

    Ever since Hostway bought them, the service had been going downhill. They let me rot on an old server, and never offered to upgrade me. When I finally complained that my site was slowing down, they offered to charge me more. A final straw was when the entire datacenter went down for over 24 hours, due to a power failure in their high-rise tower, and the promised instant diesel backup generators didn't work.

    I found an amazing deal with Honelive. I got a much faster server with 8GB of memory, vs the 1GB at NetNation/Hostway for less money. Yes it is unmanaged, but I was getting almost no management before. I contracted with a third party management company, and my total cost is still much less.

    The third party management company independently measures server uptime and it has been 100% since I started.

    The few support tickets I have submitted have been dealt with very quickly, even with one situation where my management company gave up, and Honelive fixed the issue. I have had support tickets answered within one minute.

    I highly recommend Honelive.

    Brian Irwin

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    I must say we have an unmanaged dedicated server with NetNation in Vancouver and I'm pretty happy with them. Except for two reboots we did ourselves we have had no downtime whatsoever

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    Thanks brian! appreciate the kind review.

    P.S. The starbucks coffee was great!!! Thank You .
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