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    Shoutcast Hosting Wesbite ??


    Please let me know. Would you buy from you website?

    Its not 100% done so, just let me know what you think.


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    Quote Originally Posted by notmove View Post
    Would you buy from you website?
    Hmmm. Not quite sure what you are asking.
    I think you are asking for a review of plurhost? Is that correct?

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    No just the overall look

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    The red background you have behind the globe, I would make that gradient the body background.
    Not digging your choice of font for the logo.
    Menu should be centered in height with its relative background. The background needs to be reworked, the yellow doesn't blend well with the red.
    The footer is, uhm... Your images need to be more uniform and transparent backgrounds, images should be either all color or all b&w. You need more "info" in the copyright line.
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    It looks alright, i think there should be some sort of rollover on the Nav-bar at the top as i wasn't sure if they we're links or not.

    Other then that, i like it. But prehaps bases it on .php, rather then .htm as it would load faster on the new server software (thats if your host is upgrading their server software soon.)
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    I would suggest looking over the whole site for spelling errors. Your logo.gif file has 2 errors in it alone. Audio and Hosting are both spelled wrong.
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    Did you purchase this site from "Vincent" by any chance?

    Have a look at and tell me if you notice any similarities...
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    Hi, i am Vincent. Yeah i really forgot all about it. The whole site will be re-done.
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