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    How to set up cloud servers?

    Okay here's what happened:

    My server crashed and it went down for 24 hours. We have been able to restore all the accounts already.

    Now I am interested with the cloud server thing.

    Will cloud servers address the problem that when one server go down, the sites will still function as the other servers in the cloud are up and running?

    If yes, can i set up "cloud servers" using different network? Say one server is from webnx, and the other server is from gnax? Can I "cloud" them?

    I also want to use cPanel. Would that be possible?

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    Yes, cloud hosting will definitely address this issue but using it to host just one server won't be feasible. If you look for Applogic, you will at least require 3 servers at the start.

    One distribution server, where installation tasks will be run and the other 2 in grid, so if one server goes down, other will take over immediately. However, the servers will need a Gigabit Ethernet switch and 1.5GB minimum memory on each server which is not at all affordable to host one server.

    I would recommend you to search a hosting company that offers cloud hosting where you can host your server.
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    What kind of situations are cloud servers used?

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