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    recent weird convos

    HAHAHA I had the most weirdest conversation on skype. This guy added me to talk about partnership, then he said no thanks when I said i'm heading out and email me so i talk for a few mins he asks about RTO, I tell him anywhere from 80-200$ a month they will range from and he says its a ripp off... Then he starts asking about can he host it at his house, and how much will ips cost. I keep telling him i wouldn't know because i'm not his ISP.

    I don't know but this is the weirdest convo i've had recently in the past week....

    Anyone else care to share any weird convos they've encountered...?

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    Hmm don't get it really... Strange... That is weird what is RTO should it not be ROI ?
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    That guy doesn't what is he talking about.

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    people are strange...
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    Odd dude, home hosting what a novel idea!

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