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    Anyone else have huge problems with MidPhase ?

    I ordered a managed server a week ago 1st when I ask about moving my domain etc and tell them it is over 100 GB they tell me it is no problem they have moved TB domains before.

    Well a week later and my main drive has run out of space, they did not format and put my extra drive online, so their "supreme support" keeps trying to move my domain onto the main drive, filling it up.

    There techs and "supreme support" people do not talk to each other.

    I can;t get a answer to a simple question is my RAID 10 HW or SW based ?

    My main domain will need to be moved again since the data is now so stale it is worthless.

    EVERYDAY brings a new nightmare, anyone else have tis type of experience with them ? When I contacted the rep here they could not wait to sell me a server - now they will not support it, so i am paying for 2 dedicated servers because they can;t get their act together.

    NO offer of compensation etc.

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    Now because of the disk space issues they created - all my domains are down. Thanks God my main domain is still at my other host.

    Everytime they respond to my ticket they blame me ? "you did not bring the drive online in tweak settings" Oh so that's my fault even thought when you built the server you did not format it or bring it online.

    "you ran out of space because you did configured your backup jobs wrong" I did not configure any backup jobs that is the way the server was given to me.

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    By default, the prices they advertise on their site does not come with RAID. I had to specifically ask the sales person I was chatting to to add it to my order. Can't comment on their 'supreme support' because I didn't use them myself even though it was free for the first month because of security concerns. Don't you just hate it when they ask for the root password... as if you'd leave the root account enabled in the first place

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    My only experience with MidPhase was with their shared web hosting a couple of years ago. Long story short, my account was suspended for "CPU overusage" within a few weeks - it was actually consuming about five minutes per day. They did eventually refund me the remaining 11 months and change, but only after I threatened to do a chargeback.

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    I purchased RAID 10 but it is either not active or is HW based they won't answer.

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    Ask them to start from scratch and re-install everything if you suspect they didn't set the server up properly. It happens. If they're not willing to do that, I would just get my money back right now and find another host.

    FYI: I think they share their 'supreme support' staff across all UK2 companies, so don't move to any of their sister sites if you want a managed server cause you'll probably end up in the same hole all over again.

    Good luck!

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    This is how bad their "SUPREME SUPPORT" is - my ticket has been escalated for a almost week they still do not have the domain moved - and they just managed to run out of space on a 500 GB drive because they keep making copies of the same 119GB file.

    458G 421G 14G 97% /home2

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