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Thread: Another newbie!

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    Another newbie!

    I have followed this forum for along time. There are so many posts it is amazing. I can lose a whole night just reading stuff and it never ends up being why I started looking. I really need to focus more but it is so interesting.

    Anyway time for me to open my mouth and write.

    My capacity here is to represent my webhosting business (funny that!) and try not to spam but to ask questions and offer answers?

    So without trying to break any rules 2 of us who ran separate companies in Melbourne Australia have finally merged and are undertaking a new venture with a new name, new servers, new locations a lot of new stuff. So there are going to be questions!

    What more can I say before going into SPAM/Advertising mode other than Hi.



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    Hello WHP123, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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    Hello Matthew, Welcome to WHT!

    I suggest you read the forum rules to better understand what is allowed and what is not:

    If you have any doubts, you could always contact WHT using the helpdesk:

    I hope you enjoy your stay

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    Thanks Guys.

    Yes I did have a brief look at the forum rules but will look more closely now. Thats the reason I did not put my www address in of my webpage. I dont want to add that until I have a full understanding of the rules. Imagine getting banned on the first day.. like getting expelled from School on your first day

    On the other hand I had to jump in and write something.


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