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    Exclamation needed hosting for StopLinux

    hello folks!
    I'm Luca - admin of famous StopLinux. My project is aims to show people that Linux have a lot of issues, and it is not so good system, as many people thought.
    The problem is my resource last few month under DDoS'es attacks. And previews hosting often blocked my account when DDoS is beginning. I don't think that it was serious attacks, but it was enough for virtual hosting.
    People told me, that it's better for me to try to look any USA hosting. And that it's more reliable than Russian's.
    I need hosting on Windows with SQL5 and PHP5.
    how much it roughly will cost? Can hosting with 4$ month be more reliable that russian hosting with same cost? Which companies you will advise to me?
    I will glad to see any freeback!

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    Can hosting with 4$ month be more reliable that russian hosting with same cost?
    There may be a difference between providers but I doubt that the location is the solution to your problems. DDoS prone sites are, arguably, not a good fit for shared hosting in the first place, much less very low budget shared hosting. $4 can only go so far.

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    ok. Is there any way to get site back to online? How much money I need to find? I agree to hang out any hosting banner, if anybody will agree to help me!
    Where I can try to find help?

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