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    Servers randomly start timing out

    I have a strange problem with a couple of my dedicated servers. I use them to host OpenVZ VPSs, and they have been running without incident for weeks -- but in the last couple days, at random intervals, one of them will start experiencing huge lag spikes (ping in the thousands of ms), and usually eventually time out. If I let it go long enough, the ping returns to normal, but it falls into this pattern:

    64 bytes from xx.xx.xx.xx: icmp_seq=54048 ttl=42 time=133.463 ms
    64 bytes from xx.xx.xx.xx: icmp_seq=54049 ttl=42 time=135.088 ms
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119586
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119587
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119588
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119589
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119590
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119591
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119592
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119593
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119594
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119595
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119596
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119597
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119598
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 119599
    64 bytes from xx.xx.xx.xx: icmp_seq=54064 ttl=42 time=133.666 ms
    64 bytes from xx.xx.xx.xx: icmp_seq=54065 ttl=42 time=135.369 ms

    It repeats like that, pinging a few times then timing out for several seconds, then a burst of normal pings, etc.

    The only way to fix it is to use the host's automatic hardware reset request option.

    So far this has happened on 2 different servers (not simultaneously). They're not similar besides each running CentOS and hosting VPSs. I have other VPS servers that this has never happened to...

    I'm thinking this is some kind of network error in the DC, but when I ask them about it they say their network has had no problems and that they need a two-way traceroute/ping to diagnose the problem.

    Any ideas?

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    Why don't you give them traceroutes like they asked?

    I wonder if its just the servers that your VPSs are on being overloaded?

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    Just like you took the ping reports, take trace routes to the server IPs when the problem occurs. Trace routes will give a clear idea where the problem is. It may either be a network problem at DC OR an intermittent network problem OR a slim chance that your server is under attack.

    So, a trace route will help as well as monitoring the server processes when the problem occurs will help you to get to a solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inconspicuous View Post
    Why don't you give them traceroutes like they asked?

    I wonder if its just the servers that your VPSs are on being overloaded?
    Because they probably won't say anything helpful anyway. Next time it happens (if it does) I will, though.

    How would overloaded servers cause the weird intermittent ping circumstance?

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    DOS attack maybe?
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    May be the Server is being overloaded BTW a trace report could give them a better idea. Good luck.

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    It could be dos attack. You should run 'iptraf' to trace what ip is consuming more bandwindth. However, you should follow DC and make some traceroute test from different locations, that could help you in order to diagnosis of this issue.

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