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    * Nameservers and DNS questions - migration

    registrar: enom
    servers: whm

    old setup: registered to registered to

    new server: updated to updated to registered to registered to
    In preparation for a migration of all accounts from one box to a new one, I updated the nameserver ips so that old clients who never bothered to change their nameservers to ns3/ns4 would still see the new server.

    For a few days, this worked. Tonight, out of seemingly nowhere, I am seeing this behavior: shows LINKED and working on but actually going to shows LINKED and working on but actually going to
    ns3/ns4 had NEVER been registered to that address before.

    Does anyone understand what happened and why?
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    Ken O. TKO

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    Make sure the at ns3 and ns4 records are pointing to correct IP addresses in the DNS zone of your domain (your actual domain).

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    I SORT of figured it out.

    For whatever reason, browsers, dig, and nslookup were not seeing the registered nameservers and defaulting to looking up HOST records on the In DNS, * was still pointing to Changing * to now makes the ns3/ns4 operate correctly.

    I don't really understand why it happened, but that patch fixed it.
    Ken O. TKO

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