Well, I figured it's about time that I post a review for Slicehost, where I've had a VPS for just about 2.5 years now.

I went to Slicehost when they were just starting up, and were actually on a queue to get your VPS. I went there from trying the grid service by (mt) and from shared hosting before that.

Has been great. Really, that's the summary.
uptime 19:36:11 up 844 days
...and that's not accounting for the fact that I restarted it for my own purposes at the beginning of that time period. I've not had any network issues that really stand out, there was as I recall a brief slowdown in network access, but it wasn't an outage and was corrected ASAP.


Really, it's just a testament to things not going wrong, but in the 2 and a half years, I've only had to open 2 tickets, and they were both fairly early in my tenure there. They were both responded to in under 10 minutes, and both were resolved very quickly. There are a bunch of ways to contact support, through tickets, and also through irc/chat, where there's usually at least one Slicehost staff member, and usually a bunch of helpful customers.

I really, really love their control panel. It's custom built, it's feature filled, it's simple and it's fast. I've yet to see a commercial offering that I felt surpassed it in terms of combining the features with speed and layout.

They are active on their blog and twitter updates with regard to any issues. The forum community also tends to be fairly helpful and knowledgeable.

They do prorated billing, so if you need to scale up or down, you can do it for a couple of days and just pay for that amount of time.

Other thoughts:
As you may or may not now, Slicehost was acquired by Rackspace a while back. There weren't really major changes, except you can now get what is basically a Slicehost VPS on a more cloud like, per usage, pricing model. I'm hoping to see perhaps a bit more resources on the accounts down the line, similar to Linode.

Misc: is the VPS, it's in the St. Louis facility.

If you have any questions/comments, just ask :p