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    Its been more than 30 minutes that my VPS with ( is down.

    I checked their VPS site ( and that is down as well. Their SolusVM CP is also not responding properly. is working but so far, there is no reply from them.

    Anyone else having problem with their VPS?

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    Hello AMalik

    Everything is back up now, there was an issue at the Munich Data Center and quite a bit of packet loss was happening.

    Please note the AMH Network and VPS Squad are separate now, if your service is with AMH Network it will shortly be moved over to VPS Squad (only your account details)the VPS will remain the same.

    SolusVM not responding is a bug in there system which has been pointed out many times but no fix has been given, we will be moving away from SolusVM aswell very soon due to the issues it is causing.

    We did have our site on the node that was having issues awhich is why it could not be contacted, we have our own server for the site and the migration was set for this weekend.

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