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    ★★ Server Deals - We'll migrate any CP to cPanel FREE! New i5! 50% OFF promo. ★★

    Why PAY more when you can HAVE more for less?
    We have QUAD CORES for under $100/mo!
    That's not all! We will migrate your dedicated server from any supported control panel to cPanel on our servers, no matter how many accounts you have!

    Pentium 4™ 3.0GHZ w/HT 800FSB
    2GB DDR2 Memory
    80GB IDE HDD
    4000GB Bandwidth/Transfer
    5 Dedicated IP Addresses

    $59.99/mo! NO SETUP FEE
    Order Now

    Dual Xeon™ 3.06GHZ w/HT 533FSB
    2GB DDR2 Memory
    250GB SATA HDD
    4000GB Bandwidth/Transfer
    5 Dedicated IP Addresses

    $79.99/mo! NO SETUP FEE
    Order Now

    Core2Quad™ Q6600 Core 2.40GHZ 1066FSB
    4GB DDR2 Memory
    250 GB SATA HDD
    4000GB Bandwidth/Transfer
    5 Dedicated IP Addresses

    $99.99/mo! NO SETUP FEE
    Order Now

    Get 50% off the first month on any of the above packages (Dedi1-3) using promo code: 50wht

    Now introducing our newest special, the new Intel Core i5:

    Core i5™ 750 2.66GHZ 2.5GT/s
    8GB Memory
    1000GB (1TB) SATA Hard Drive
    4000GB Bandwidth/Transfer
    5 Dedicated IP Addresses
    Free Domain or SSL Certificate upon request!

    $129.99/mo! NO SETUP FEE
    Order Now

    All servers include:
    Network Level DDOS Protection
    24x7x365 Hardware Monitoring
    24/7 Technical Support
    100mbps uplink port

    Network Infrastructure
    Our network is connected via Gigabit Ethernet handoff(s) on redundant/dual-path OC48 DWDM fiber-optic transport connections to XO™ Communications and Commonwealth Telephone™, NorthEast PA's 2nd largest Telco. Verizon™and PPL Telcom™ fiber is also available in the facility. Our transit is provided via multiple Gigabit Ethernet tranit circuits from Global Crossing™, Cogent™ Communications, BTN™/PCCW™, & XO™ Communications. For redundancy, we are running BGP4 to maintain the speed and uptime. If one backbone line goes down, it will balance the load to the other(s). If one line gets congested, it will load balance the traffic.

    Control Panels:
    cPanel™/WHM™ - $19.95/mo
    -Fantastico De Luxe - $2.95/mo

    DirectAdmin™ - $9.95/mo

    Parallels Plesk™ - $29.95/mo (unlimited domains)
    -Power Pack - $14.95/mo
    -Language Pack - $7.95/mo

    Virtuozzo™ -
    -3 VPS License - $39.95/mo
    -30 VPS License - $149.95/mo
    -60 VPS License - $199.95/mo
    -100 VPS License - $249.95/mo

    Supported Operating Systems
    All operating systems can be 32-bit or 64-bit.
    CentOS™ 4.x
    CentOS™ 5.x
    Fedora™ Linux 10.0
    Fedora™ Linux 11.0
    FreeBSD™ 7.x
    Debian™ Linux 5.x
    Ubuntu™ Linux 9.x
    Windows 2008™ Server - Web Edition - $14.95/mo
    Windows 2008™ Server R2 - Standard Edition - $24.95/mo
    Windows 2008™ Server R2 - Enterprise Edition - $34.95/mo
    Windows 2008™ Server R2 - Datacenter Edition - $69.95/mo
    Windows 2003™ Server - Web Edition - $14.95/mo
    Windows 2003™ Server R2 - Standard Edition - $24.95/mo

    10 IP Addresses - $5/mo
    Class C Block (254) - $100/mo
    ADVANCED DDOS Protection - $49.95/mo
    Private VLAN - $5/mo

    All prices are in US Dollars (USD)
    Have a question? Contact sales here.
    DDoS Protected Chicago and New York Virtual Private Servers with INSTANT setup!
    RAID-10 OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers with hundreds of OS templates! - "The" definition of personable support, that's us!
    Use coupon "50FORLIFE" for 50% off the life of ANY plan!

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    Charles W. @ Nexeon Technologies, Inc. - Have a question? PM or email me directly! - c[@]
    Dedicated servers, colocation, cloud, game servers, on-site & remote DDoS protection, and more! Managed options available.
    Data Centers in Chicago, New York, & more! IPv4 and IPv6 available! Contact us for data center buildout & network consultation. - Instantly delivered dedicated servers located in Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

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