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    New to site, any help for a newb?

    Hi guys my name is tony and i am new
    to this site, i am currently learning about
    purchasing a website.
    I have never ran a site before and plan
    to research a LOT to learn more on the subject.
    Any links that would help inform me
    about hosting a website would be great.
    The type of site i plan on hosting would
    include a forum site, blog site, proxy server,
    video site (similair to youtube), or such
    sites like this.

    Thanks guys, -t0ny

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    yea, thanks.

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    you may be better off getting a virtual private server or dedicated server for what you are asking for since you what you want will most likely be prohibited by shared hosting providers.

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