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    Look for on call Server Administrator

    We are setting up a new VPN and looking for a person or company to come aboard as a new administrator for this new vpn server.

    This will be a on call to maybe permanent position.

    You will be in charge of installing scripts (very rarely) but most importantly making sure the server is working good, and help resolve any issues that may rise.

    If you are interested. please PM your contact information, with your full name, Location, Time Zone, and your hourly rate.

    Again This is a on call Position (FOR NOW) NOT FULL TIME.

    Mike Patel

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    JFYI, you do not have enough public posts for PM.

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    Sorry, Like Evilman (no pun intended. lol) pointed out, I don't have enough posts, you if you could leave your email ID's in the post, and ill reply back to each one.

    Also if you have a chat client and ID, you can leave that instead, and ill contact you instead.


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    Has this position been filled?

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    Contact me at: ildefonso_camargo AT yahoo DOT com (mail) , or ildefonso_camargo at hotmail dot com (MSN).

    I'm an engineer, with around 12 years of experience in the Linux world.

    I hope to help,

    Ildefonso Camargo

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    I am a very experienced Linux Sysadmin and have extended experience with VPNs ... please find my details below.

    Jabber: [email protected]
    Yahoo: [email protected]
    skype: aleatrejux
    e-mail: [email protected]
    rate: 20$/hour

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Costin Alexiu

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    If outsourced companies are eligible to apply we can handle your issues on per hour pay. We're available 24/7 so you can address your queries anytime. Please visit our site for more details at
    You can leave a web inquiry or use direct e-mail [email protected]
    Our location - Eastern Europe, GMT+2 currently, pay per hour - $15
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