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    Non-programmer looking to build some websites

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to build a few blogs and e-commerce websites using and Hostgator. I am not a programmer, but I know the basics of HTML, configuration of name server, setting up new email accounts with my domain using Google App, etc. I am wondering is it possible for me to set up new websites without hiring a programmer? Is there any kind of step by step instruction I can follow? I want do to this myself because I might need to change and tweak the sites from time to time, and I'd like to have the flexibility of doing all that myself. Thanks


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    Sounds like you have a workable plan. Check into programs that allow you to customize your WordPress themes like Artisteer. Good luck, Andrew.
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    Creating a Wordpress blog is very easy, use Fantastico from your cPanel (this you will need) to create your website blog and just change the theme from your wp-admin area.

    Use google to look for tutorials.

    Same with an e-Commerce website, create Joomla! website from your cPanel and google for tutorials also.

    You can also download Wordpress/Joomla! file then upload to your website, more complicated if you don't have Fantastico from cPanel.

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    I am wondering is it possible for me to set up new websites without hiring a programmer?
    I really don't see why not. There are lots of ready-made Wordpress plugins/widgets that do a lot of things, there are lots of templates, free and paid out there.

    What you need to do is focus on building content, and marketing your site, and you can definitely do that. Make sure you upgrade your Wordpress installations as new versions come out so that you don't keep your sites unnecessarily vulnerable to attacks, and regularly do backups of your databases (website files too).

    Wordpress has quite detailed documentation on their site covering most of the common issues a user faces, and it's probably best to read a good bit of it, especially if you don't have experience working with content management systems.

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    well this is what i would tell you.

    Get some free hosting and mess around with it for 1 month to 2.
    by then you will know what you are doing then get paid hosting.

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    with the amount of tutorials you can find on the internet, you definitely don't NEED to hire a programmer to do anything for you.

    since you want to run wordpress, I'd recommend getting a host with installatron (or fantastico) which makes for easy installs and upgrades of any CMS installed through these softwares. They contain e-commerce softwares as well - definitely not hard.

    And generally the CMS websites (such as wordpress) contain tutorials and step-by-step on what you should do to install the software manually if it comes down to that. That's how I learned years ago

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mchen View Post
    Is there any kind of step by step instruction I can follow?
    If you would rather learn how to install wordpress into a website or learn how to manage/create new blog post step by step through a instructional video rather than read, search youtube.

    They have a lot of video's about Wordpress.

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    just google it ... if you get cPanel then most good host provide with cPanel tuts.

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