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    * [EU]NaniHost | $15 Highend VPS EU 1G RAM | Powerful 8 Core Server16G RAM | Raid 5

    Reliable and affordable VPS Sale

    Our nodes are Openvz based with the hypervm control panel. What you buy is what you get! Great Value VPS within Highend VPS Servers.

    8 core server to ensure that you can run as many processes as you want.
    16G Ram to ensure the capacity
    Hardware Raid 5 configure to ensure that you wont lose any data from hardware problem

    Incredible deal only $15/month
    What you pay is what you get.

    Only $15.00 $4 off forever, only order from WHT

    Order Now

    512MB ram | 1GB burst | 30GB Disk Space | 700GB Bandwidth | Hypervm Control Panel | Lxadmin | 2 IP
    100mb connection
    EU datacenter ($15 Highend 1G RAM VPS EU/US with Powerful 8 Core Server16G RAM,Raid 5 Configure)

    For more plan offers, please see NaniVPS

    All comes with:

    FREE OS Reloads
    FREE Reboots
    FREE rDNS entries
    FREE IPs - 2

    Choose your own flavor of Linux:
    Debian 4
    Ubuntu 8
    CentOS 4/5
    Fedora Core 7/8/9

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
    admin [at] nanihost [dot] com

    Thank you for hosting with NaniHost!
    Quality VPS at affordable price
    admin [at]

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    how coupon for $4 off forever, only order from WHT ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kriss83 View Post
    how coupon for $4 off forever, only order from WHT ?
    Yes, just follow the link to order. It post on WHT only.

    Nanihost Support
    Quality VPS at affordable price
    admin [at]

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