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    Review of dedicated server list and prices

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if some of you could give me feedback on my current list of dedicated servers and their prices.

    also do you think its worth adding "GREEN" energy efficiant servers to my list?



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    Odd number for Plesk domains "$16.00.00"

    But seriously.. On the green side of things. I'm not sure how many people buy things just cause their green. Its more of a feel good pr thing, and a way to save yourself some money, more than help out the environment. We've been doing it for years, and in reality, I've yet to have someone say that they bought a dedicated server from us cause we where "green", or had the green stamp displayed.
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    i just did a check on their website and it's hosted with

    not sure if they are resellers but it looks like they are.

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    thanks for noticing the typo , ill be sure to fix that.

    I might stay away from the GReen servers. But did my other plans look good?

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    i personally like the prices of your plans, they look very decent and not over-priced.

    probably ask theplanet for SWIP if they are offering it so that your contact mails become visible in the ips whois.

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    thank you ic3,

    does any one else care to review the list?

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