We have moved to a new data center and we are celebrating by offing some of our old servers at a discount rate. We may offer some of our regular current servers at a discount rate next week. We also welcome custom requests. We will do our best to fill whatever order you may wish.

About the data center:

We are now located at OnePartner which is the only certified Tier III commercial data center in the US according to the Uptime Institute. There are fully redundant systems in place throughout the entire data center so any planned or unplanned maintenance or failures will not disrupt service.

The servers:

We have 4 servers we are offering at a discount rate. They are mostly equal in specs. You can see the details at http://www.newwebsite.com/specialdedicatedservers2.html

This page is not advertised on our web site anywhere. This is only for WebHostingTalk readers only.

Some of the specs include:

2.93 GHz to 3.2 GHz
2 80 GB hard Drives up to 1 200 GB Hard Drive
All have 1 GB of RAM
All come with 8 ip addresses and 1500 GB of transfer.

For more details and to order see http://www.newwebsite.com/specialdedicatedservers2.html

Spammers need not apply.