Looking for offers on the following domains -

  1. MontPark.com - Geo Domain - MontPark.com is a great geographical domain with good keyword frequency for both "MontPark" and "Mont Park" keywords. Checkout http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MontPark for more info! Also do search with above mentioned keywords.

  2. Dreef.com - Geo Domain - Dreef is a great domain with multiple possible uses Dreef is a city in Belgium.. Brandable web 2.0 domain and also a word which is the singular past tense of the word "drijven" dreef - Wiktionary Also checkout Dreef - Wikipedia

  3. IMERS.com - Internet MarketERS - Great domain for anything about internet marketers/marketing. Maybe a social network. Sale includes IMERS.tv

  4. Miliye.com - Geo Domain - Miliye is a town in Ukraine. Miliye also meens meet in the Hindi language

  5. CentralWebsite.com - Good for any web service company. Domain Registrar, Web Host, etc.

Looking for some good offers on these.