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Thread: To many links?

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    To many links?

    I have a site that uses a javascript menu, if js is turned off it degrades as a unordered list. This main menu is located at the top of the design, there is another menu with even more links down the left hand side of the design. The problem Im having is Google appears to be indexing the top level pages but it doesnt appear to be following links in the center content area. After looking at the page in lynx browser I noticed that google would have to go through over 200 links before getting to the center content. I read in the google guidelines they recommend no more than 100 links per page, but I also read from the google forums that is just a recommendation. Google will still go past 100 links. Could all these links cause Google not to want to follow the main links in the center content? Could I be penalized too because Google could consider this spamming?

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    That may be the case that you stated. Have you made a sitemap and submitted it to Google. This action can sometimes clear up any some issues that your site may have with being properly indexed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dspkable View Post
    That may be the case that you stated. Have you made a sitemap and submitted it to Google. This action can sometimes clear up any some issues that your site may have with being properly indexed.
    Yes I do have a sitemap submitted for this site, however it doesnt have all the links just the top level. Im creating a new sitemap to include all the links so hopefully that should resolve the issue.

    That brings me to my next question. If I have the sitemap submitted with all the links, do you see a reason to keep that javascript menu? It was originally put there for SEO reasons so the bots could get to all the links. But my concern is not only are there to many links but that the main content in the middle is being diluded because the bot has to go through so many links/achor text to get to the main content.

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    On page links help Google determine the importance of pages. I would recommend having on-page links to all pages you want indexed by Google (in addition to separate sitemap links). I would also avoid having more than 100 links per page -- it looks spammy.

    Too many links per page is just one of many variables Google looks at but, for already low-ranking pages, it may take on more importance.

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    Submit a well organised XML sitemap. You could also use the "No Follow" attribute for external links etc.

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    I think Google would find all your links lastly and you would not be punished by Google for so-called too many links on pages if only they were not just there for increasing link popularity purpose.
    Of course, a well-done XML sitemap would be helpful for this purpose and it also help in deep indexing.
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    Has Google specified that more than 100 links on a webpage looks to be a SPAM. Then how about a sitemap. It contains more than 1000 links (incase of a big site).

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    Although there is no clear evidence to suggest that having 100 links per page will lead to direct penalization, I would still avoid such practices. Put aside SEO point of view, having 100 click able links does make the whole page looks odd.

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    I would look at reorganizing the site under main headings and subheadings and even more subheadings under that if required.

    Can't imagine anyone reading 200 links to find the information they want. it's your job to break down the information and lead customers through the site... otherwise it's too confusing.

    Yes Google and your customers will probably penalize you for having so many links.

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