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Thread: Help with seo

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    Help with seo

    Hey guys,

    I am completely new with SEO concepts. Can anyone please tell me how does SEO works? or how to add site in google rank? how does google will pay us? how to increase google rank. If anyone could help me out, that would be really great.


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    Go through some SEO tutorials on google and better first try to learn the concept of the algorithm how does the spider crawl the webpages. After then
    learn the how optimize your site and need to learn more about the SEO strategies for PR.
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    Well, the easiest way is to buy a bucket full of Google PageRank in your local supermarket Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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    Just some tips at no cost: Join LinkedIn SEO related Groups and read discussions and take part in Google tutorials in any way you can.

    Another piece of advice is to hire a SEO freelancer for super cheap and see if they can "school" you.

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    Check out Google's SEO Starter Guide:

    It helps to have a mentor who can show you ropes.

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    seo procedure includes keyword reserching, knowing how the spiders crawl your site, site optimization and link building, submitting sitemap and tracking and monitoring. you can get the detailed information from internet,searching seo tips or seo strategy.

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    I would like to recommend you to visit or for systemic learning on SEO. SEO is an big issue could not be explained within several words.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AirJordansHead View Post
    I would like to recommend you to visit or for systemic learning on SEO. SEO is an big issue could not be explained within several words.
    i agree with you, i started first with SEOmoz they are really Good and the team is really perfect

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    SEO is very huge and it will take days to explain. Just search articles on Google about SEO there are a lot of articles that can explain what is SEO and how does it work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosting24 View Post
    Well, the easiest way is to buy a bucket full of Google PageRank in your local supermarket

    Honestly... do your research and read the SEO section of the forum. Once you start reading and looking through tutorials you can always ask questions.

    Sign up for Google webmaster tools and submit your xml sitemap to Google is a great blog to follow and so is
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    SEO is basically what you do to ensure that your website is well optimized in terms of search visibility. It involves on-page and off-page optimization mainly to concentrate on adding content, link building, working on the page title and meta tags selection, just to name a few. All for the purpose of ranking higher in search engines.

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    That is just one wide topic to be covered in a thread... A simple search would actually give you all the answers to that if you're not that lazy..

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    Just go through some of the exclusive SEO forums on the net.
    Browse the threads and don't forget to read the sticky posts.

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    Your first consideration should be unique web content. Google is very perculiar about the way it crawls and sees your site. Google algorithms are changing almost daily. There is a defined way in which your site will be loved or hated by Google.

    I wrote the following which is not obvious to the newbie so hope it helps .......

    Writing Articles for SEO? - Do it properly!

    The search engines are getting very smart these days. With the surge of free article sites that are appearing all over the net, they are paying more and more attention to the content of your articles. A free article could possibly turn up on thousands of sites so how on earth can the search engine index your free article and not the others. Ok, back links are great but I want to be seen on Google's pages.

    Ok let’s get down to writing our article. Think about your site content. Basically I use a rule of thumb, I exclude all the major search terms for the content of my site. No point in competing with literally millions of others. There are many programs that allow you to collect the search words for your subject. Ok this is where I start doing things a little different..

    Try not thinking search word and start thinking search phrase. It absolutely amazing how many search phrases are used when using the search engines. Forget words like 'television' and start thinking in terms of '32 inch flat screen TV'. Forget 'free music' and think in terms of 'free music to download now'. Visitors will use the most obscure terms. Try to use the search box the way you would speak. Think of the age group that you are attracting and if it's teenagers for instance, you need to tone down the etiquette as the youth speak their own language! Mis-spelt words are also good, words such as 'z' 's' as in teens or teenz.

    Ok we now have a set of search phrases so how do we use them? There is a specific way which will give you an advantage. Remember the search engines don't always index you whole article. They tend to make a decision based on the first few words that make sense. It's no use saturating your article with keywords. Far better to be sparing and sensible.

    1. Make sure that your main search phrase is inserted within the first sentence making sure that this sentence make sense.

    2. Insert the same key-phrase once more in the first paragraph.

    3. Include the same key-phrase in the rest of article. A 3% density is just about right, that is 3 keywords or key-phrases to every 100 words.

    If you initiate the basics correctly you will enhance your chances of recognition. Don't be fooled into thinking that the engines need to see lot's of keywords. Be subtle, be clever and you will get your rewards.

    Hope this helps


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