Hello WHT

offers colocation in a carrier neutral datacenter in Frankfurt Germany, one of the major telecommunication hubs in Europe.

We offer managed colocation when purchasing a Full Rack. This includes all kind of hands on support. Hardware exchange/upgrade, OS install, free KVM-IP and monitoring.

1 Rack (41 U)
- 100mbit switch (48 Ports) / 1Gbit uplink
- 1KWh power
- IP´s
- Resets thru a Webinterface
- 5TB of quality traffic (25 Mbit @ 95%)
- 24/7 phone support
- 1Gbit Ports possible

monthly fee: 999 €
setup fee: 250 €

IP Transit from our POP in Interxion [FRA1]

100Mbit FLAT ---------> 700.- € / month
1Gbit FLAT -----------> 4700.- € / month
1Gbit full burstable @ 95% percentile: 15 € /mbit (min >=100Mbit)

Please ask us for quotes for an individual mix of carrier if needed. Interxion FRA1 hosts more than 300 carrier which you can connect your equipment to.
All TIER1 carrier available.

Feel free to contact us for further questions.

Kind regards,