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    cpanel vps technical question

    Hi All,

    I have a question for all the cpanel vps experts out there. I do feel this is possible as i did it myself previously but now my hosting support tells me it is'nt possible. Let us say i have a pool of 4 IPs - Server's main IP - Used as email host till date - Name Server IP 1 - Name Server IP 2

    Due to some unforseen circumstances, i had to change the email host IP and my hosting support told me that i can use as an email host IP Too so i told them to go ahead and change it.

    Now, my :2086 panel shows

    Main >> DNS Functions >> Add an A Entry for your Hostname
    Adding an A entry for your hostname

    Hostname Server Main Ip

    Should it not say when the IP has been changed ?
    What my VPS Support staff says is :

    "This would be true because of the fact your main IP is indeed ''. This was explained to you earlier in the ticket. Your mail is sending from while your main IP is If you wish to change this IP to you can do in the WHM under the 'Basic Settings' ( Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup). You will change the 'Main Shared Virtual Host IP to your desired IP."

    I feel there must be some way to fix this. Any thoughts on this ?

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    You can change the out going mail ip with out changing the main ip.

    pico /etc/exim_outgoing.conf


    pico /etc/exim.conf

    driver = smtp

    and add interface =

    driver = smtp
    interface =
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    Thanks for your help on this issue ! Much appreciated

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