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    Moving users or computer where do outlook safe email accounts?


    I install a new window in a different directory.

    Then I copy content of documents and settings/username folder from old location to the new location.

    This works better than expected

    Turns out not only all the previous emails are moved, the email accounts are moved too.

    I do not have to reset the email accounts.

    But where does outlook save email account settings? Definitely not on registry (unless registry is located at document and settings too.

    When I move to a different user in the same computer I often just copy the pst files. While the email get moved, the email accounts don't get moved?

    WHere is registry file located anyway?

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    Here is a complete list of where outlook stores EVEYTHING.

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    How should I thank people in this forum.

    Ughh.... Thanks Smajer

    Oh ya I am using outlook 2003

    It looks to me as I suspected outlook save those info in files.

    It's still not clear though. In what file microsoft would save email accounts and password? It's not mentioned in the page.
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    Found this thread.. may help,

    "The default file extension will be "dbx." In Outlook Express, click
    Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store Folder. This will tell you where
    you have OE set to store its data files. (You'll have to look for
    yourself, I'm afraid. I've not used OE for years, nor did I ever allow
    it to save in any "default" location, although I believe it was"
    somewhere under "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local
    Settings\Application Data." However, if you copy off your entire user
    profile, you'll most likely get it.)

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    It's not outlook express. It's outlook

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    It's outlook 2003

    Another interesting question is, how do I move settings to a win7 os?

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    For data folder of outlook 2003 try searching for .pst files and for address book it will be .oab

    for moving to win7, you can export the mails from outlook and import the same in win7 in Windows live mail app..

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