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    how Abalienate expire domain

    hello. my domain has expire some years ago and now i want to register it again.
    after i try whois i see that one of company (somthing like expire domain seller)

    renew it . i dont know why .

    how can i have it on my panel?
    they dont answer me.

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    What is the domain name you want to renew?
    Typically registrars give you up to 30 days from the domain expiry date to renew (sometimes at a premium). Once this 30 days have passed then if someone else purchases it, you have pretty much lost the domain unless you decide to contact them and negotiate a price to buy it back.

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    I'm having the same issue. All the advice I can say is keep trying to get in though with them.

    It is weird that all the domain expire companies you can't get in contact with.

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    Some years ago is some years too late . As Anthony said, you have about 30 days

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