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    Thumbs up Host Europe 6 month review

    Hi all!

    I think its time to post a short review of my VPS-provider Host Europe.

    Background: I run a realtime weathersite with 20 sec updates from small textfiles with current conditions and stormtracker. During thunderstorms it gets really popular.
    After beeing on a couple of shared hosts (mostly found on WHT) and almost "kicked off" due to heavy traffic I thinked it was time to look for a VPS. After much Googling and reading reviews (ex. on WHT) in June I choosed the German host Host Europe because they had packages in my priceclass.

    My package is XL with 80 Gb HD, 5 Tb traffic, 1 Gb garateed RAM with 2 Gb burst, price around 20 euros/month.

    And I have never looked back since that.

    As i was total n00b on this with Linux/SSH but wanted to learn how it works I took the challenge and took unmanaged with Plesk with Virtuozzo (to have something "windowsish" LOL). As Virtuozzo have free reinstall + total backup of the box it was good to have it in backhand if something get totally wrong.

    After around a week of playing around with much Googling and learning and some reinstalls and it was ready to take over the wx-site. (I got from last shared host some time to "see what to do") And it really rocks. Even during some high-pressure times with high traffic it worked like a charm.

    Now there are running 3 finnsih wx-sites on it.(all with same "high-traffic peak-problem").

    Host Europes support works answers also in English even if the answers may be little shorter so it is not a must to know German to use them.


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    Thanks for sharing your review w/ the community, good luck and be sure to keep us posted in the future!

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    Host Europe
    Host Europe is part of the webfusion
    I personally had experience with Webfusion and I stop on pre-sales question, as probably questions were very complicated as it took 3 days them to reply.
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