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    looking for host for bulk emailing

    hey guys
    i`m looking for a hoster wich will alowe me to bulk email for ages and nothing yet
    please help me find one

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    If it is SPAM - I doubt if anybody will agree to host it. If it is legitimate service - still will be difficult to find - too many complains even for legitimate bulk email service to handle (for IP block owners)
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    How many emails per hour are you going to send? And what is the reason you are going to send them in bulk?

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    Hello, I am from China, is designed to provide the mail server, can you ask to help you with the hardware or system. Thanks

    MSN:[email protected]

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    I guess it would be hard to find such host that can allows you send bulks emails. If you can find first check their TOS carefully. I think you would required unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth for it.
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    well i don`t know if i am sending bulk
    maybe i`m wrong
    i have some big mailing lists that i want to send as many as possible /hour
    anmd they all are optins or double options, with option to unsubscribe and all

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