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    Clustering cPanel with CentOS?

    I'm tossing around the idea of doing a new hardware deployment (x2 DL360 G4's), and clustering them for redundancy. I've done some research on clustering them using a simple Apache configuration on CentOS.

    Is clustering even an option with CentOS when it comes to cPanel? I've searched for the forums for this specific kind of scenario but I've come up empty handed...

    If direct clustering is not available, what other options are available for maybe a hot standby? What are you guys doing?

    Input/suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    cPanel doesn't support clustering I am not mistaken


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    Actually Cpanel does support seperated MySQL server

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    You can do Clustered DNS and External MySQL with cPanel software, but for complete redundancy you will need to use 3rd party software.

    The external MySQL server doesnt really give you any redundancy, its just to be used for a dedicated MySQL machine for performance improvements.

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    we've used cpanel's dns clustering before - pretty useful to link same nameservers across multiple servers but as chris said above, it won't give you complete redundancy. If the main server that hosts the nameservers go down, all the servers suffer. We've had that headache more than once in the past year.

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    You can cluster cPanel DNS and MySQL directly.

    If you want to do email that can also be done but needs to be done manually.
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