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    What is the best way to clean a hacked site?

    What is the best way to clean a hacked site?

    All of the pages have iframe injection and my only backup was made after the attack.

    I have hundreds of pages, do I have to edit them all manually?


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    I'm afraid you must indeed edit them manually.

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    If all of the iframe code is similar on all the pages then you could create a script to do if for you.

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    Restore a working backup............unless you are 100 % u cleaned the sites by using above recommendation. It is possible that your database is also affected........

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    Install and try clamdav, scan the whole server or /home remove the iframe by use of the report it can made automatic to remove the iframe infected pages
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    On a Linux server, you should have (in addition to Perl, but simpler) tools called grep and sed, which can find and find/replace strings in files. You can probably run these by cron if you can't do it any other way. The commands are complicated, but if it takes you 2 entire days of study to build the commands, and then 2 minutes to run them, it is still less work than spending several days cleaning files manually.

    If you've downloaded files to your local PC and it's Linux, you can use grep, sed, or ssed, same as on the server.

    If your PC is Windows, there are Windows versions of grep, and a version of sed called ssed (Super Sed).

    Editors such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Expression Web also have powerful search/replace commands.

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    I usually download the entire site to my local PC then use PowerGrep. Or as SteveWh pointed out, just use the command line grep.

    If you have the malscript you'd like removed, please share it and I could prepare a grep/sed command for you to use from the command line.

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